Fallow Deer

Dama dama

A spotted species of deer native to much of Eurasia.  All fallow deer are spotted at birth and will retain their spots throughout their lives.  We have all three varieties of fallow including the common spotted, chocolate and white.  Bucks can reach 130-330 pounds and grow large ‘palmate’ antlers annually.  Does are much smaller, 66-110 pounds, and give birth to one or even two fawns every spring after a gestation of 229 days.

Mothers will break up into small groups and often leave a group entirely to give birth and hide her fawn(s).  Fawns will remain hidden for about two to three weeks before they join their mothers for the daily activities.  Male fawns will leave their mothers around 9 months of age whereas female fawns may stay with their mothers until they have fawns of their own.  You can often see family groups of multiple generations of females that prefer to stay together.  Bucks will form similar age groups or remain solitary until rut.  They then will spar over females or groups of females to win breeding rights.

Interesting Facts:

¨ The melanistic (chocolate) and leukonistic (white) genes are very rare and tend to be recessive.

¨ Bucks make a deep barking noise to call does while does make a lighter barking noise to call fawns.

¨ Bucks grow large ‘palmate’ antlers.