African Lion

Our resident African Lion is currently "Delilah".  Delilah was rejected by her mother at birth because she was extreemly small and the runt of a large litter.  Unable to survive on her own, with her eyes and ears still closed, the Promised Land Zoo owners adopted her and raised her!  She is now close to a year old and loves her daily meaty meals of chicken, turkey, beef and rabbit.  As she grows we change up the type of enrichment activities that she likes as she awaits to be moved to the larger Promised Land Zoo Drive Thru park location in Eagle Rock, Missouri.  African Lions are endangered and her valuable genetics will be needed to preserve this declining species in the future.  Below are some African Lion facts and pictures of Delilah as she has grown through 2013.

Panthera leo

Male’s average length of body 6 ft. 4 in. Avg. length of tail is 2 feet 9 inches and can weight: 325-470 lbs, but captive lions tend to be bigger at 400-550 lbs.  Female average length of body is 5 ft. 10 in and the average length of tail is 2 ft. 9 in and weigh 220-360 lbs on average.

Lions are the only cat to display sexual dimorphism (difference between the male and female). All lions have a light to medium tan coat consisting of short, stiff hair. Cubs and younger individuals often have light rosette-like spots, especially on the hindlimbs.  The male has a mane about the neck and shoulders. The extent of the mane varies considerably among individuals, from a scruffy collar to an impressive mantle that may run down the belly to the fronts of the back legs.

Here at PLZ, they will eat a combination of commercial diet formulated for them and meat or whole prey items.  Their diet is very important for proper growth and will also be on a schedule of vitamins.  It is also important that they receive a variety of whole meat items, bones, fur, innards, everything.  They derive a large portion of the minerals they need from bone.  

Interesting Facts:

¨ Lions are the only truly social cat species. The core of a lion family, called a 'pride', is a group of related lionesses and their cubs.

¨ Cubs are born in litters of 3-4. The females may take turns nursing each others' cubs.

The new males often kill the cubs in the pride. This forces the females to go into heat together, ensuring new males genetics

Delilah at 5 weeks old, Jungle Josh and Delilah at 10 weeks old, Jungle Josh and Delilah at 6 months old